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  1. Beautiful shot! *Oh, and I still plan to watch your films in their entirety and give you my honest opinion about them- The last couple of weeks have been unexpectedly hectic, suddenly going through a divorce and moving, will get back to you as soon as possible [And looking forward to seeing both of them] *


    1. oooohhh.. Life can be full of chaos … I hope this new start brings you everything you wish… i love your last works… captivity, guilt and bondage… troubles are sometimes good for art… Come back soon, i really would like to know your opinion!


      1. Thank you- Yes, I know what you mean- I am still trying to extract some form of order out of the chaos that has been unleashed, but I am learning to embrace the change and the freedom! Take care!


  2. Ô Ciel ! Je ne me possède plus ! Je tombe à genoux ! Je suis sidéré, transfiguré ! devant ce si beau, magnifique, euphorique sourire !!!

    Ahhhhh !!! T’as pas que de beaux yeux ! Tu as un sourire à fondre. Que dis-je ! À provoquer des changements climatiques.

    Quel plaisir ! Quelle jouissance !

    Smack ! Smouch ! Bises belle dame ! Tu me chavires ! 😉

    Bon. Ben c’est fini les compliments. Elle est où ta dent de pirate ??? 😉


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