Neopren Records: the independant label for music, video and art.

I ‘ve seen the new video « Anzhu » by Toju Kae… And I was just …. Gone! his music is getting direct under my skin…

It’s in a way the quintessence of what Neopren Records stands for: off-the-beaten-paths music, video-clips of the very much arty kind, and « contemporary dance » included in it.
We are functioning as a family, or a community, more than as a record label as you might imagine it: people with different backgrounds and in different cities have a certain view of art, music, video, or film, and exchange ideas and inspiration, in order to create « things ». And we are still looking for new artists….


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    1. thank you Marcello… Neopren Records is like my family, we are a small group, we are doing everything self, working, creating, organizing concert, exposition, performance. And Italy is one of the next destination!!! we have a label night in april i think to remember… So if ever….


  1. J’aime beaucoup, je ne cherche pas à comprendre, je regarde, j’écoute, j’aime, sans me poser de questions métapsycho philosophique, suis-je anormal ou fou ?
    peut m’importe, je regarde j’écoute et j’apprécie.
    Merci pour ce superbe clip ❤


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