Première « EIDÔLON » TK.KIM, Berlin, 20 Novembre 2014

EIDOLON – unperception

Are you the image of something, of someone? Of an original, a creator, of a metaphysical and yet picturable entity? Or are YOU an original, and ist picture is bad, wrong, menacing? Do image and original have tob e ennemies? Is one of these two an idol, a false god or just a projection screen? To see yourself as an image, must seem wrong. It must not be. Your image is your ennemy as it allows no projection, for all projection would be a projection on yourself. Icon, idol, image… only the real false, the real unpersonalized can be projectable. Only the projected part must be visible, the real part is you. You hide.

Our image shall be ourself, no other, so our image and ourselves are one.

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